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The Investor approached us to design a showroom in Zielona Góra. We implemented the project comprehensively, meaning that we supplied all the furnishings and also carried out their installation. See how we worked on the project and what effect we achieved


The KT-24 sales showroom was designed by the HELO FORM® design studio in cooperation with the Client's in-house team. After analysing the Investor's needs and developing a creative brief, we jointly selected one of the proposed concepts. In our proposal we focused on economy of forms and reference to industrial aesthetics. We wanted to create a space that was as functional as possible, while at the same time identifying the brand's character in a clear way.

The idea underlying our cooperation was to create a space that would stand out from other brands in this market segment and provide a strong alternative to popular chain stores. We wanted to make sure that at the KT-24 showroom the client could not only learn about the products or services in detail, but also that the encounter with technology would be an extremely comfortable and engaging experience for the client.


At the space macro planning stage, we worked intensively with the KT-24 Team. We divided the showroom area into sections, matched them with functionalities and product categories, and finally, selected the furnishings. According to the Investor's guidelines, our project had to take into account:

  • wall-mounted shelving for assortment presentation
  • rest area for meetings with clients
  • illuminated, free-standing platforms
  • work zone for products testing
  • a representative counter with a branded front
  • styling adapted to the open cell ceiling being a clear architectural
  • feature of the interior


One of the Investor's requirements was that the design could be flexibly adapted and changed with the growth of the company. The modular structure of HELO FORM® turned out to be ideal here. System shelving provide a wide range of configuration and set-up options, so we were able to fully optimize the interior and arrange difficult zones.

By choosing a modular system, the Investor gained the ability to expand the structure or modify its layout at any time. If necessary, the system can be disassembled to create smaller, free-standing shelving units, or additional spans can be added to expand the exposition.


In our contacts with clients, we often encounter concerns about shelving structure. They stem from past experience with market shelving, which is a mass-produced product that does not take into account the needs and specifics of a particular industry. When designing the furnishings for KT-24, we knew that
we could not compromise on either design or safety. The products offered by our Investor, include many items of a large size and weight, so it was a priority for us to ensure that the shelving is sufficiently stable and load-bearing

HELO FORM® system shelving is made on the basis of aluminium profiles, a material that is robust and at the same time does not burden the structure, which met the technological requirements of the Investor. In addition, such systems are as stable as they are ergonomic, which is of great importance in the context of intensive use by employees and clients of the KT-24 showroom.

Several important factors speak in favour of aluminium:

  • It is lightweight, which gives it a huge advantage in terms of everyday use.
  • It is a very versatile material, allowing to achieve the most diverse visual effects.
  • Furniture made of aluminium is very functional and performs well in a variety of conditions, both indoors and outdoors.


One of the goals of the project was to keep the interior in an industrial atmosphere, so deep black became a natural choice of base colour for us. Furniture in this colour refers in style to the austere interiors of warehouses and industrial halls, which perfectly combines with the business activity profile of KT-24. By keeping the arrangement in one colour, we managed to create a distinctive atmosphere of the place - black became the leitmotif of the interior and its distinguishing mark.

When designing the interior of the KT-24 showroom, we also wanted the furnishings to have above-average durability and perform their function for many seasons, without the need to invest in more expositions. The structure of the shelving systems was powder coated by us to ensure its perfect appearance for a very long time.

  • The choice of textured paint allowed us to achieve a decorative effect with a clear, spongy surface that is resistant to scratches and abrasion.
  • The colour we applied using the powder method creates a uniform coating that is free of cracks, damp patches or bubbles
  • The Investor receives a guarantee that over time the paint will not change its original colour, will not tarnish, fade or begin to crumble.
  • The painting technique we used is a very ecological way of finishing because it does not use environmentally harmful solvents.


Light is an extremely important element that makes up the communication of the sales area. It makes it easier to build atmosphere, emphasizes the architectural side of the project, and in addition - brings out certain elements of the exposition. In the design for KT-24, we used backlighting for the shelving toppers, counters and platforms located in the center of the showroom. In each case, we used RGB LED lighting, which has many advantages, in particular:

  • it is characterized by low power consumption.
  • It gives dynamics to the interior.
  • It provides even and intense illumination of advertising surfaces.
  • It it gives the ability to smoothly change colours and light intensity.

Light control is an attractive and easy way to change the colour scheme in an interior. It is investment-free, and modification of lighting colour can be done at any time - according to user-programmed settings, colour preferences or marketing plans. In the case of our Investor, RGB LED lighting fulfilled another function - it allowed to stress individual product lines. A different colour scheme has been assigned to each of them, as much as possible - in line with the branding of a particular brand.


In minimalist arrangements, individual details do not matter - what matters is the whole built by right angles and smooth textures. The shelving systems we used in the design of the KT-24 showroom are characterized by a neat shape, and their simplicity allowed us to create a modern and fully harmonious interior.

Working on modules from the HELO FORM® collection, we designed shelving systems without side walls. Such a solution lets a lot of light into the exposition, and in addition - provides clients with free access to the presented assortment. The whole was complemented with perforated sheet metal panels maintaining the convention of the industrial style, and in addition - giving visual lightness to the structures. The openwork panels were designed by us in such a way as to offer the possibility of arranging the shelves as desired. Depending on the ideas for product display, one can change the position of the products or multiply their number. The possibilities are almost endless. The use of perforations also enabled us to install hangers for product display. Hangers are an extremely practical solution that:

  • allows maximum use of available space
  • counteracts the movement of packaging
  • wpływa na optyczną przejrzystość towaru
  • affects the optical clarity of the goods
  • thanks to different length variants, allows for spatial presentation of products
  • saves the time that store staff would have to spend organizing the assortment
  • has a subliminal effect on clients by prompting them to put products in a particular place


When designing the KT-24 showroom furnishings, we wanted the Investor to gain full convenience and freedom of use. Toppers, i.e. graphic panels located in the upper part of the shelves, are fully interchangeable elements. Thanks to the intuitive magnet mounting technique, they provide instant image changes, and in addition - they offer the opportunity to save costs associated with changing the
exposition. If our Investor decides to refresh the assortment, then all the Investor has to do is swap the panel with brand logo A for brand B. It will take only a few seconds to change the layout.

The solution we proposed provides full flexibility in managing the assortment and, what is extremely important, the shelving will look as if it was designed for a specific brand every time. The toppers we have designed enable:

  • possibility of independent and frequent replacement of graphics
  • backlighting logos and advertising slogans
  • emphasizing partner brands and promotional zones
  • application of any merchandising concepts


At a time when most sales are moving to the Internet, it
becomes even more important to properly design the
commercial space of a brick and mortar shop. When planning the arrangement of our flagship showroom, we wanted its furnishings to be characterized by durability, functionality and attractive aesthetics, in line with the latest trends. All this is done so that the Client crossing the threshold of our showroom in split second made a decision to explore it further. It was equally important for us to create the right atmosphere - less associated
with large-scale supermarkets and more with intimate
showrooms. We wanted to give our Clients the opportunity to experience the quality of the brand, interact with the product and learn about the entire KT-24 service spectrum.

We can definitely say that we are proud of this place. It is a showroom prepared for present-day sales challenges, and yet modern and friendly.

Kamil Wyduba
Sales Director of KT-24 Sp. z o.o.

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