Design and functionality combined

The design is all about minimalist arrangements. Such arrangements balance the functionality and form, provide visual lightness, and, most importantly, enable us to unleash our creativity, without which the creation of unconventional project wouldn’t be possible.

HELO FORM proves that seemingly plain concepts can create universal and designer pieces. Thanks to its modular design, with our system you can create unique spaces, with almost unlimited options for their customization. Colors and sizes of the modules can be mixed, giving you the possibility to create one-of-a-kind displays and structures.

Contrary to their name, minimalist stands are the most interesting and timeless pieces of furniture.

  • They let us create visually attractive displays.
  • They strengthen the brand image, at the same time increasing sales effectiveness.
  • Thanks to them, the interior will always look cleaner and more organized.
  • Such stands can be used to display almost every single type of product.

More and more people working in the retail industry apply solutions that are easily adaptable to the constantly changing requirements. Displays with a universal structure are especially important when we want to achieve balance between the visual identity of a given space and the character of the exhibition; they not only make a given subject more attractive and important, but also create a relationship between the space and the presented items.

In HELO FORM we create original displays, giving a unique character to various spaces, and presenting our interpretation of the current trends. With HELO FORM, your products will be properly selected and grouped, and then displayed in a store, taking into account the ergonomics of the space and visibility of the exhibition.

It is relevant to keep a customer in the store for as long as possible, and to draw their attention to specific items. A reliable manner to manage customer traffic is the usage of different kinds of stands and advertising islands, which can be created by, for example, combining several product displays. They provide the possibility to test different exhibition arrangements, in order to create the most effective shopping paths.


Our studio has always been designing for various industries. With this experience, we create complex display designs not only for stores, but also for hotels, restaurants, beauty studios, car dealerships, pharmacies, or art galleries. As HELO FORM can be painted in any color, and the modules can be combined in various ways, it is almost impossible to see two the same arrangements!

Thanks to one-of-a-kind production and assembly methods, our profiles and joining points are perfectly smooth, and your display is fine-tuned in the greatest detail.
With simple forms, we can create timeless display systems that can be adopted in various types of interiors. You can find your own application for each part of our systems.
Modular furniture can be used for large areas, as well as they can be applied as small details that underline the architecture of a given place.
HELO FORM combines our love to geometry and minimalism. The minimalistic style is like a stage with the spotlight focusing at the most outstanding element. For us, it is your product.
The elements of HELO FORM are usually painted in one of the three most universal colors (white, black or anthracite), but if you want a unique design, any color from the RAL system can be applied.

Contact us

Collaboration with interior designers, orientation towards functionality and showing users the extensive possibilities offered by the HELO FORM system is one of our priorities. We look forward to working with you.

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